Little Steps Nursery is located in Indira Nagar in an individual property which has been re-done to suit a nursery. It has a six foot compound around the property which will provide ample security to the children playing in the garden inside. The garden sports a water fall which has fencing around the base so that children can enjoy the waterfall but not get into it. A sand pit has been provided with clean sand for the little ones to play in . The garden has also been provided with a slide and a swing that the children will be allowed to access at least once daily.



  • The nursery is bright, warm and welcoming at all times.
  • The nursery is well stacked with toys and equipment to stimulate the children in all areas of their development.
  • The rooms are beautifully painted with fairy tale characters to stimulate story telling activities at any time of the day.
  • The furniture has been carefully chosen to be appealing to children to use and light enough for them to move at their will.
  • Safe drinking water has been provided in the form of a zero B unit and will be maintained regularly.
  • Air Conditioners have been provided in the rooms that the children will be using.
  • The washroom is well ventilated and modern.
  • The nursery has a book area to encourage communication and language development. It includes a listening area where the children can enjoy story books and music.
  • The Play area consists of small construction toys such as wooden blocks, bricks and beads to increase control of fine movements of the fingers and hands and to encourage children to learn colours, shapes and numbers.
  • The rooms can accommodate 20 children.

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